Beautiful Places on Apple TV Ad

I woke up a few days ago and found a message from Tipay, a SLAM alumni who works at the Apple Store in San Francisco, with a video attached showing Beautiful Places featured in an Apple TV in store promotional video. I knew something was going to feature me because a few months ago Apple sent me a “model release” to sign saying they could use my likeness. I signed it, of course, and waited to see myself on TV someday. Well, it didn’t get onto TV, oh well, but it is there in every Apple Store on the Apple TV!

I still need to get down to my local store and see it. I usually go there and watch my latest episode just to see how it looks. I once had a guy come up and start telling me all about Havasu Falls while I was watching the episode. Right as he was pausing mid sentence, a shot of me walking down Havasu Canyon came on and I pointed to it and said, “that’s me.” We had a laugh and talked some more about it and many other places.

I love it when I meet people on the trail and tell them about what I do, and then they actually remember when they get home to look up the podcast and get in touch with me. There are so many ways to get in touch with me.
I have a Facebook account:

I have a Facebook Fan page for Beautiful Places where I post images taken on my trips as well as videos I take for other projects:

And I Twitter:

Everyone is welcome to friend me, follow me, become a fan, become my Farmville neighbor, whatever you like using. I am also working on a new website. More about that when I have more done.

Here is a shot of the video on YouTube. That’s Tipay at the end saying “did you see that?” Thanks Tipay!


2 Responses to “Beautiful Places on Apple TV Ad”

  1. That is too cool!! I really need to get out there to visit you guys!! I want to see all these Beautiful Places!!!!

  2. Way cool! Happy New Year, Tony!

    Kari : )

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