Zion Narrows Episode Released!

I love driving to a place like Zion, getting there before sunset, and driving around a bit to figure out where to go the next morning to watch the sunrise. I drove into Zion and took a wrong turn. Actually, I missed the turn and went up up up and into the looooooooong miles long tunnel that takes you up and out of the East end of the park. I knew I had messed up half way through the tunnel but kept going. Sometimes messing up results in seeing special things. I pulled out of the tunnel and off the road to take a look around and saw the stars! What a site, with a pitch black night and complete silence the view of the night sky was perfect. It was worth the drive. After about a half hour of freezing and looking at the stars, I drove down and took the right turn into Zion Canyon. I wasn’t able to see much of where to go but drove through and back out to the campground. I layed my pack down at camp on a tarp and went to sleep.
I woke up about four in the morning covered with ice. My pack crack cracked as I moved and I popped my head out with ice cracking and sprinkling away as I pushed through. The dew must have settled on my pack and then the temperature dropped below freezing. I just looked up at the stars again and pulled the mummy string tight and went back to sleep.
Next morning, I got up in the dark, packed everything in the car, and drove into Zion Canyon. The predawn light was bright enough where I could plainly see where to go to watch the sunrise. Really, you’re in a large canyon, so you wont see the sun till around 10 am, but the sun shining on the towering canyon walls is spectacular! I ate breakfast next to my car with my camera rolling catching the light. I then spent the day exploring the canyon and filming the Zion Canyon episode:
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The next morning was the real reason for the trip: Zion Narrows. I had never been to The Narrows but had heard from too many people that it was the trip of a lifetime. It was. I rented a drysuit and walking stick in town and walked into a wonderland of sandstone canyon walls and greenish-blue waters that became my trail for most of the journey. Walking in water that flows in the opposite direction is slow going. You are pushing through the water with every step. Every turn in the canyon brings different surprises. Sometimes a shaft of light lighting the canyon in bright orange light, and sometimes water or mosses flowing over the sides. Sunlight shining down around a corner results in a red glow where you are and the sandstone erupts in light.
There’s a side canyon called Orderville Canyon that is not to be missed. It’s about three or four miles up The Narrows. You can see it above. The image above is a screenshot from the Zion Narrows episode. There was no one else there in Orderville and I was able to eat lunch and enjoy the peace and quiet that I come to places like this for. I hope you enjoy the episode and remember that it may be free to download, but if you enjoy it, leave a comment. Your comments will ensure possible sponsors that there are many of you out there that like the show. If you would the show to come out more often, well then help us get a sponsor by leaving a comment!



Zion Narrows Episode:

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5 Responses to “Zion Narrows Episode Released!”

  1. Tony, I am so looking forward to buying that book of your incredible photography someday! You are just such a cool guy!! 🙂

  2. I viewed your episodes and love them on a variety of levels! I am a nature lover – the beauty of the earth seems to be the only thing that can truly stop me in awe.

    The other level is the teacher within, always looking for ways to inspire my kids. I am an art teacher at Monument Valley High School in Monument Valley, Utah. I am about 2.5 hours south of Moab and I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am wondering if you are ever planning on coming here, and, if you are, would you be willing to stop in for a day or four to work with my high school students (I teach both junior and senior high school)? I could even arrange it for you to stay in our hogan ;). I know you said you can’t do workshops for a variety of reasons, but I was hoping volunteer work might be up your alley with a potential donation to your work =).

    Emily Price
    Monument Valley High School
    Art Department

    • Emily, are you kidding? I would love to come to Monument Valley and work with your kids! I am a teacher, after all. I have been wanting to do a show on Monument Valley for a while now. I’ll email you and we can talk about it.


  3. seeing the stars in Zion made me sit out for long amounts of time while I worked there (see comment on Beautiful Places in HD page) One evening, I even got the chance (actually we missed the last shuttle so we had no options) to walk up the road into Zion Canyon back to the lodge on the 4th of July at night with an half full moon. Besides being slightly creeped out, it was spectacular.
    If you ever make it back to Zion, you MUST do the Subway, a Backcountry hike that requires a permit, and has some rope work when you go from the top down, but it truly is the secret gem of Zion that just might take your breath away, just like coming around the corner on the Delicate arch trail in Arches when you finally get to the arch.

    Good luck in future shows! Can’t wait to see them!

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