Sometimes It’s OK To Be Lazy

So with my rant about lazy photographers a few posts ago, you might think that I should be some sort of Lance Armstrong of the photography world. Well let me tell you that is far from the truth. I blog what is on my mind, and the idea that most photographers were lazy was what I was thinking that day. After poison oak from the day of bushwhacking that made me so proud of myself, and an awesome photo from the road sent to me by a friend, I am now sufficiently humbled and ready to confess my own laziness.

When I am putting together one of these blog posts, I usually look through my photographs. The photo that I find usually reminds me of the story behind the shot. The shot above is from Tall Trees Grove in Redwood National Park.

Being a hard core photographer, my plan was to hike up Redwood Creek seven miles to Tall Trees Grove, film the grove, and camp on the river above the grove. I knew there was a gated road you could get the combination to at the Park Headquarters. I got the combo when I signed up for my wilderness permit (just in case). 🙂 When I pulled up to the trailhead, I was tired from the drive there and feeling lazy. So I did what any good filmmaker would do. I filmed myself starting the hike at the trailhead, got in my car, and drove up to the gated road that took me to within one and a half miles of Tall Trees Grove. I then hiked down to the grove, hiked downriver about a quarter mile, and filmed myself hiking up the river to the grove. If you saw the original (non-ON Networks) episode, you saw me introducing the hike, hiking up the river, and then entering Tall Trees Grove. It was all editing.

So there you go. I have plenty of other stories on how lazy I can be but I will save them for some other time.

Check out the Tall Trees Grove episode and remember that the show looks best in HD, which you can only get from iTunes. These Flash compressed shows work fine for a website, but they do not present the show with the quality that it was filmed in or that it is meant to be viewed. Click this link to subscribe to Beautiful Places in HD on iTunes. And send the link to some friends!

Tall Trees Grove episode

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