Avatar, Sea Shepherd, and Methuselah Grove

I have a few things on my mind right now, Methuselah Grove because I just released a new episode of Beautiful Places In HD of Methuselah Grove, the movie “Avatar” which I saw about a week ago, and the Sea Shepherds out in the Antarctic waters trying to stop the Japanese whalers.

They all fit together in my mind as signposts for where we need to go as human beings. We need to respect the beautiful places that we have here on Earth. Not just for beauty’s sake, but for the plants, the trees, and the animals that live there and call it home. We need to respect that there are some places in this world that should be left alone and left wild. We have started, with national parks and nature preserves, but whole areas of this planet should be set aside and just be left alone. We need to do this now before the pressures of ten billion people (coming soon folks!) roll across the wild places destroying everything in its path.

We need to set aside some of the animals as untouchable. Whales should be one of these. My list would include most other animals as well, but let’s start with whales. We should leave them alone and let them swim and sing untouched and protected. There are issues such as indigenous people relying on whale meat as their traditional food, and I say if it is truly done in the old way and by those that truly survive off the whales, then fine. But that is all.

The movie “Avatar” reminded me that we need to develop an ethic on this planet that we are able to take to the other planets. An ethic that says there are some parts of planets and moons that should be left alone and left in their original state. An ethic that says if we ever encounter new life forms or intelligent beings, that they are sacred, just like Earth life forms are and should be left alone. There will be resources that we need in space, on the asteroids, comets, and some moons. But some should be left alone.

As I write this, the Sea Shepherd Ship, the Ady Gil is sinking in the Antarctic Waters. I’m pissed off and I have tweeted and facebooked my feelings today. I just got a reply from Ken Collins saying he will match anyone’s donations up to $100. He is as mad as I am. I’m now heading over to www.SeaShepherd.org to increase my monthly donation.


Here’s the Methuselah Grove episode:
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